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Ruby Daring on 6/5/2014 5:29 PM

I work for a major global online Marketing And Advertising company, which is how I met Jeremy, the owner/operator of JM Improvements and Remodeling, LLC, several months ago. I can honestly say I have never felt the need to comment on someone I work with in my job capacity until now. In my job I speak with hundreds of contractors each week throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Germany and I can safely say I have never met someone who has so much integrity, pride in their workmanship and a desire to provide top notch work and customer service on every project. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone, as he is the type of contractor every home owner and business owner looks for in a contractor. His range of skills and services are never-ending. Each time we talk I learn a bit more about him and his company and he never fails to impress me with his attitude, knowledge and skill sets. Jeremy will not commit to doing any project he cannot deliver on, so if he says he can do it, he will do it well. As a person who works with quality contractors on a daily basis Jeremy has managed to impress me so much that I just felt the need to comment on him and his company. Again, I would recommend him for any project you might have, large or small. Our corporate offices are located in another state but if I lived in the area Jeremy would definitely be my go to guy.

Keith Bonner on 8/13/2014 6:36 PM

I own an investment property on Panama City Beach but I live in Charlotte, NC. I was interviewing several renters during the first of July and needed a reliable contractor to perform several projects on my townhome. I rode through the parking lot at Lowes and saw Jeremy Mills truck. I introduced myself and explained I lived 560 miles away and only had a week to get a list of tasks together and completed so I could rent my townhome. Jeremy came over that night and we discussed my timeline and the tasks to be completed. He is very efficient and trustworthy. I had to return to NC in two days and I left a key with him and in the next few days we communicated several times. He even met the air conditioner contractor for me and supervised their work. His work is top notch and he is extremely reliable. Being so far away it has been a pleasure to have a contractor you can count on. I would recommend Jeremy for any project you have. Friendly, reliable all around good guy. Thanks for everything.....Keith,Christy

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